Sacred Instructions

Sherri Mitchell, author of Sacred Instructions

Sacred Instructions:

Indigenous Wisdom
for Living Spirit-Based Change

by Sherri Mitchell, Penobscot Nation
Wena Ham Kwassett (She Who Brings the Light)

– excerpts from introduction

“We are living in a time of exposure, where the light of truth is shining into all the dark corners of our lives. As a result, all that has been lurking in the shadows is now coming into sharp focus. Some of the things that this light is revealing are deeply disturbing; some are downright terrifying. This is causing many people to feel lost and hopeless, or completely overwhelmed by the amount of work that we are facing. Many recognize that this time represents a critical crossroads for humanity, a teetering point of choice that will determine the future of all life. Yet we seem to have become frozen by fear, unable to determine which path to follow. The good news is that we don’t have to make this choice blindly. We have been given all the guidance that is necessary to choose the right path….

“As we move through these challenging times, it is important to remember that none of us are here by accident. We entered this world with the express purpose of facilitating the changes that are manifesting during this time, and we brought with us the gifts needed to accomplish that task.

“None of us are out of time or out of place, though many of us remain out of step with our true path. Our unique imprint is essential to the larger pattern that is unfolding. To make that imprint, we must access our individual gifts and manifest them in the world collectively. This is how we will heal the wounds of our shared history and form a more humane pathway forward.

“As we seek this healing, let us do so with the knowledge that oneness is not sameness. It is the transcendence of our differences and the weaving of our diverse expressions into a tapestry that is harmonized and aligned with common purpose…

“I believe that we have the capacity to create a world that is compassionately intent on preserving the integrity of all life in a harmonious balance. And that the Sacred Instructions for creating that world exist within every one of us right now and are waiting to be called forth.

Sherri Mitchell, 2018. All rights reserved. Published by North Atlantic books, Berkeley, California.

See the author speak about her book and the lessons that called her to write it. (Her remarks begin at about 6.5 minutes into the video.)